Caring for your roses

To get the very best from your roses, follow these simple instructions:

Preparing the roses
Make sure your chosen vase is clean - use hot soapy water or vinegar or bleach and make sure you have rinsed it well.

We advise that you keep the rose netting in place until the flowers are arranged.

Remove the rose / bouquet from its packaging & remove the water vials.

Holding the rose stems under running water, take off up to an inch of the stem, at an angle with a pair of sharp scissors or a sharp knife. If you use a blunt knife or scissors this can cause damage to the stem which can affect its uptake of water & quality of bloom. By cutting underwater, the roses will immediately start absorbing water and will be less likely to have an air lock in the stem.

Remove any leaves or thorns that will sit below the water line to prevent any algae or bacteria affecting the flowers once in the vase.

Arranging the roses
For roses, fill the vase with fresh, lukewarm water, mixing in the liquid rose food sachet that came with your flowers. This will help the roses to absorb the nutrients from the food & bloom well for you.

Once arranged, carefully remove the netting from the roses, gently pulling it straight upwards, off the top of the flower.

Personalised petals can be pressed after the roses come into bloom.

Further care
Check the water regularly and change every 2 days.

Keep the roses out of direct sunlight, hot temperatures and away from draughts. Do not keep flowers near fruit as they give off ethylene gas which will shorten the life of your flowers!

If the roses start to droop, the stem may have a blockage and the rose needs more hydration. Repeat the process of cutting the stems, under water, at an angle and place in a vase up to their necks in water for 30mins, then arrange again in your vase.

If you have no further liquid rose food, you can replicate this using soda water (food) with a touch of bleach (kills bacteria) to fresh water.